If you have the BMW factory fitted sat-nav you will not require the Relocation Panel as your vehicle already has the correct space in the dash for the D9MMI. You will however require an extension cable to install your Mimi, this is due to the E39 and X5 models with factory fit navigation have their audio system located in the rear of the car. This means that the aerial, audio and power connections required by the Mimi unit need to be extended and run to the front of the car.

This is 5m extention cable for is for BMW E39 or X5 vehicles with existing factory sat nav systems, that wish to install the D9MMI BMW E39 / X5 aftermarket sat nav DVD Media Player, whether a self install or Pro-Install this extension lead takes the hassle out of the installation.

Please select the 17 pin or 40 pin extension cable from the menu above

BMW 5 E39 Series:1996 to 2001-E39 (BMW Old 17-Pin connector - BMW X5 / BMW M5)
BMW 5 E39 Series:2002 to 2003-E39 (BMW new 40-Pin connector)
BMW X5 E53 :2000 to 2001-E53 (BMW Old 17-Pin connector)
BMW X5 E53 :2002 to 2007-E53 (BMW new 40-Pin connector)
BMW M5 :1996 to 2003 (BMW new 40 OR 17-Pin connector)

Note: We can only guarantee the compatibility of our extension cables with our MIMI units only

D9MMI 5m Extension Cable

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