• UK and Eire 2016 GPS Software SatNav SD CARD LICENSED W/ ACTIVATE CODE

UK and Ireland Official licensed GPS maps that work with Mimi Oem Style Aftermarket Multimedia Systems.

These maps are for UK & Ireland

Includes England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Sygic is a voice guided GPS navigation app. It's packed with latest maps and a robust set of navigation features such as


Speed Camera Warnings
Speed Camera Warnings protect your wallet.

Speed Limit Sign on Map
Speed Limit Sign on Map with adjustable audio warning and comprehensive settings for your safety.

Lane Assistant
Lane Assistant tells you which lane to take.

Navigate to GPS Coordinates
Use API function calls to navigate your mobile client to given GPS coordinates.

Realtime Screen Size Adjustment
Change the size of application window using API functions.

Points of Interest
Points of Interest in comprehensive categories for easier search.

MultiStop Route Planning
MultiStop Route Planning with ETA for each stop.

Navigate to a Postal Code
This functionality is available also via API function calls.

Maps Stored on the Device
Maps Stored on the Device to save your data for more important stuff.

Navigation Instructions when App is in the Background
Navigation instructions are available also when application is hidden in the background.

RealTime Traffic
RealTime Traffic lets you know what lies ahead. Recalculate route automatically or manually to avoid traffic jams.


* Package Contents You will receive a SD Card with the GPS Software, and details on how to activate it.
* Non - Transferable - Once registered this software cannot be transfered/used on another device.
* GPS Returns Policy Once Navigation software has been used, registered or packaging seals have been broken, No refunds will be awarded.


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